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If You're Looking for a New Mastermind Community That Puts Relationships First AND
Increases Your Sales, Improves Your Cash Flow and Boosts Your Bottom Line, Then This is Right for You...

“We only work with successful entrepreneurs, business owners and professional practitioners who are committed to (not just interested in) growing their business."

  • Revenue is Important, But PROFIT is the Most Important

    It’s not what you make, it’s all about what you keep. You’ll discover the latest and greatest ways to SIMPLIFY your systems, MULTIPLY your sales and MAGNIFY your marketing!

  • Over 70 Years of "Real World" Wisdom

    Chris and Davy have owned and managed multiple businesses and are serving clients ranging from $100,000 entrepreneurs to multi-billion dollar corporations.

  • Stop Adding and Start Multiplying

    Discover the small tweaks that generate big profits. Stop adding people, systems and technology and start multiplying what you already have.

Two Internationally Known Experts Agree

"As a shark, Davy speaks my language: profit, profit, profit!"
- Kevin Harrington, Original Shark on ABC's Hit TV Show "Shark Tank"

"His strategies are easy to implement and can really change your entire business. He comes from a very spiritual place. There is a bottom line to him that is not just about money."
- Forbes Riley, $2 Billion+ TV Host "HSN and QVC"

Who This Has Worked For...

Authors, Coaches & Consultants

Construction & Real Estate

Contractors & Trades

Health Care & Health Services

Hotels & Restaurants


Network Marketers

Online Businesses

Professional Services & Practitioners

Retail, Brick & Mortar Businesses

Speakers & Trainers

Sports, Fitness & Wellness

Vehicles & Transportation Services

And Many More…

You AND Your Guest are Invited to Our Award Winning Venue in San Antonio, Texas-The Hotel Valencia on the Riverwalk

Our Profit Inner Circle Mastermind gives you the opportunity to work with us (after your application is approved) in a very intimate, small-group session with about 25 other, like-minded entrepreneurs, business owners and professional practitioners.

It’s one part training, one part implementation, one part coaching. Davy and Chris will be with you the entire time. This is NOT like other events - we don’t just say hello in the first hour and then disappear.

We’re here to work with you, show you what’s working, help refine your business, and maybe even make connections and introductions to increase your profit!

Arrive by Midnight on Thursday February 22, 2018

Mastermind Friday, Saturday, 1/2 day Sunday February 23-25, 2018

Depart After 1:00 cst Sunday February 25, 2018

*Your Discounted Room Details and Other Logistics Will be Provided After Your Application for Acceptance is Approved

Your Countdown to MORE PROFIT...

Greg Hillery

"The expertise you (Chris) brought to the mastermind created a stimulating learning environment as your facts and ideas were based on the 'real world' working environment. In addition, your applied use of humor during the delivery of instruction made the class enjoyable and memorable for all."

Tom Olson and Team

"Everything we do in business ends up being about people, so I appreciate Davy and his heart. We came up with enough (ideas) to at least double or triple our net profit. He is very good at evaluating right where our pain points are, we accomplished more in 8 hours than we have at several of our quarterly (meetings). Davy is experienced, knowledgeable and he truly cares about helping you improve your company. If you’re thinking about working with Davy, I would highly recommend it, go for the profit!"

The Profit Inner Circle Mastermind Benefits

  • Benefit 1: Bonus Implementation Days

    Stop talking about it and start implementing! You get access to our private experts so you can implement the latest systems and technology right now.

  • Benefit 2: VIP Networking Lunches, Dinners and Parties

    No upsells because it’s all included in your membership. Make more connections and build stronger relationships during our informal collegial gatherings.

  • Benefit 3: Dedicated Time in the Profit Seat

    Share your biggest challenges and your top goals with our Profit Inner Circle team and our members to get instant, real-world solutions to multiply your results.

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The Profit Inner Circle Mastermind Benefits

  • Benefit 4: Access to $50,000.00+ of the Latest Studio Equipment

    Need a new headshot photo, an updated action or new product photo, a new video for your website or social media pages? Wait no longer, we got you covered…Done!

  • Benefit 5: Multiply Your Learning and Your Results

    Selected members share their knowledge, skills and wisdom with you in bite-sized segments so you get even more profit building strategies and ideas.

  • Benefit 6: Get Answers to Your Specific Questions

    Yes, Chris and Davy are “all-in” and attend the entire event so you can ask your most pressing questions and get the right guidance so you can move forward now.

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The Profit Inner Circle Mastermind Benefits

  • Benefit 7: Your "Young Entrepreneur" Grows Too

    Along side of you, we inspire their mindset, so they believe in themselves and what they can accomplish in this wonderful world!

  • Benefit 8: More Connections and Quality Relationships

    You get access to capital, affiliate/ joint venture deals and private independent contractors so you can multiply your profit.

  • Benefit 9: Receive Input From "Your Board of Advisors"

    Take it from those who have been there, done that and still doing it! So just follow the path and guidance from your board of advisors.

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Karen Edwards

"I have been attending 6-8 seminars a year for the last 10 years. Chris is probably the only one who left me with "life" ideas that apply to office and home. I have taken several of his points to the office and have had success already. Thank you!"

Alwyn & Rachel Cosgrove

“We were not really maximizing profits…Davy asked the questions that I did not even know to ask…Davy gave me 10 things to do, every one of those things we could put a dollar figure on…bottom line, here we are about 30 days later and everything is looking rosy!”

Lisa Cushman

"I just wanted to let you know that your seminar was the best I've been to in 32 years!! We had no idea what we were in for, only that our office meetings really suck. You were awesome!!! A little like Martin Short on speed (must be a Canadian thing?) Your presentation was so energetic, positive and just FUN!"

Brian & Genessy Safdari

“Davy accomplished more in one day than we could in 6-months…it paid off more than 3 to 4 times just in one day…you’re putting $250k in my pocket!

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Here are Some of the “PROFIT” Topics and Demonstrations
That we May Cover (you determine the agenda)

  • Celebrity branding and positioning strategies

  • Coaching and masterminding

  • Creating compensation and bonus programs that get your team “acting like owners”

  • Creating your products that produce ongoing continuity income

  • Determining what’s most important & most profitable for you right now

  • Driving more sales revenue

  • Eliminating the rework that is draining up to 25% of your profits

  • Generating new leads and follow up

  • Getting more exposure and publicity

  • Hiring the right people and ‘contractors’ the first time

  • How to host your own live events to attract more leads and customers

  • How to overcome work-a-holism

  • Improving your cash flow

  • Lead generation & follow up

  • Learning what to track and how to track

  • Marketing and sales automation

  • Marketing and sales Funnel creation

  • New ways to increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty

  • Outsourcing so you don’t have to hire full time people

  • Pitching and closing more deals

  • Using “speaking” to grow your business

  • Using mobile marketing to increase your effectiveness

  • Writing and publishing your book

  • And so much more!

Dr. David Phelps, Freedom Founders

"Just come to Davy, he’ll give you great information, things that will make a huge difference in your life and in your business to allow you to eventually become free!"