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Focuses on What Matters Most to YOU

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“We only work with successful entrepreneurs, business owners and professional practitioners
who are committed to (not just interested in) improving their personal and business life."

Deadline to Claim Your Seat is Monday September 11, 2023 at Midnight!


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Details About Our Upcoming Event

Host City and State: Austin, Texas
Event Dates: Sunday September 17, 2023 and Monday September 18, 2023
We suggest arriving at our host hotel by: Saturday September 16, 2023 at 6:00 pm
We suggest departing our host hotel after: Monday September 18, 2023 3:00 pm

Hotel Address: 3612 Tudor Boulevard
Hotel City, State Zip: Austin, TX 78759
Hotel Direct Phone #: (512) 231 8491

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Hotel Reservation Phone #: 1-877-242-3654
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Your Primary Keys to Success...
Action and Accountability

Selected Action Items From a Few of Our Members


Create a speaker training program.

Refine my pitch and secure referral partners.

Rebuild my Summer Camp challenge.

Script my sales conversation and outline my book.

Write out my new offers, entry level to VIP.

How are We Different From "the Others"?
Financial, Family, Faith, Fitness, Fun & Fulfillment

Our Deliverables and What to Expect

  • Revenue is Important, But PROFIT is the Most Important (the more you earn, the more you can serve)

    It’s not what you make, it’s all about what you keep. You’ll discover the latest and greatest ways to SIMPLIFY your systems, MULTIPLY your sales and MAGNIFY your marketing!

  • Over 60 Years of "Real World" Wisdom & Experience

    Combined, Davy and Danny bring over 60 years of wisdom and real-world experience to the group. They also own and manage multiple businesses across various industries.

  • Stop Adding and Start Multiplying

    Discover the small tweaks that generate big profits. Stop adding people, systems and technology and start multiplying what you already have.

  • Dedicated Time in the Profit (Hot) Seat

    Share your biggest challenges and your top goals with our Profit Inner Circle team and our members to get instant, real-world solutions to multiply your results.

  • Multiply Your Learning and Your Results

    Selected members share their knowledge, skills and wisdom with you in bite-sized segments so you get even more profit building strategies and ideas.

  • Receive Input From Your Private "Board of Advisors"

    Take it from those who have been there, done that and still doing it! So just follow the path and guidance from your board of advisors.

Meet Your Mastermind Hosts

Davy Tyburski, America’s Chief Profit Officer®

In 2008, Davy created Profit Inner Circle to serve companies and organizations who want to increase profits so they can earn more and serve more.

He is the business advisor who has been at it for decades and has served $500K+ Entrepreneurs to $1B+ corporations including Microsoft, Kellogg's, FedEx, Manpower and the Walt Disney Company just to name a few. His Fractional Chief Operating Officer and public speaking client list continues to grow because he delivers what every entrepreneur, company, professional practitioner and organization wants: MORE PROFIT!. Davy offers his results-based, profit building services to a limited number of selected clients each year.

His real-world experience in leading high-performance teams in Sales, Marketing, Customer Service, Business Operations, Billing & Collections, Process & Systems Excellence and Employee Development is what sets him apart from the other 99% of business consultants and coaches in the world. In addition, Davy is focused on "making life and ministry better" for Pastors through his 501(c)(3) foundation,

Dr. Danny Brassell

Danny inspires audiences around the world to achieve greater performance, engagement and happiness by discovering their personal motivation. Infusing humor, inspiration and simple techniques to initiate positive change – both at home and in the workplace – Danny has been dubbed “Jim Carrey with a Ph.D.” for his high-energy, world-class keynotes, seminars and customized retreats.

Speaking to audiences worldwide ranging from corporate associations to school districts, Danny has equipped tens of thousands of people to overcome challenges, achieve more and give back with his unifying message of “liberation through motivation.” Danny works tirelessly to ensure that his clients receive raves from their audiences, real results and lasting change.

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Deadline to Claim Your Seat is Monday September 11, 2023 at Midnight!

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Important Notes:

We are intentionally keeping your Mastermind seat deposit very reasonable so you have no roadblocks or excuses in moving forward, it's only $497. You can also bring a male business associate at no additional investment.

By the way, if after attending, you feel you did not get at least a 200% return on your investment, we will refund your entire amount plus reimburse you up to $500 in documented travel expenses.

Who This Has Worked For...
Serving $500K+ Entrepreneurs to $1B+ Corporations

Authors, Coaches & Consultants

Construction & Real Estate

Contractors & Trades

Health Care & Health Services

Hotels & Restaurants


Network Marketers

Online Businesses

Professional Services & Practitioners

Retail, Brick & Mortar Businesses

Speakers & Trainers

Sports, Fitness & Wellness

Vehicles & Transportation Services

And Many More…

Stop Wasting Your Most Important Asset...Time


Our private friends mastermind (invitation only) is like you stepping into a time machine where you’ll walk out and immediately increase your sales, improve your cash flow and boost your bottom line in just a few days, not weeks, months, or years!

The reason we’ll get it done in just two days is because quite honestly, there's one thing you don't have a lot of right now. And that's time, right? You're reading this page because you need to do something different in your life and business right now in order to get you to where you ultimately need to be.

Imagine walking into a room, sitting down with us and our cream of the crop members and all of us working with you, thinking for you and creating for you. Then you leaving the room knowing exactly what you need to do in order to build your life and business and take it to the next level where you ultimately want to be.

Here’s what we know about you, you don’t want more things to do, you want to elevate your status and get faster results. So submit your application now!


Possible Topics and Demonstrations
(based on your challenges and goals)

  • Celebrity branding and positioning strategies
  • Coaching and masterminding
  • Creating compensation and bonus programs that get your team “acting like owners”
  • Creating your products that produce ongoing continuity income
  • Determining what’s most important & most profitable for you right now
  • Driving more sales revenue
  • Eliminating the rework that is draining up to 25% of your profits
  • Generating new leads and follow up
  • Getting more exposure and publicity
  • Hiring the right people and ‘contractors’ the first time
  • How to host your own live events to attract more leads and customers
  • How to overcome work-a-holism
  • Improving your cash flow
  • Lead generation & follow up
  • Learning what to track and how to track
  • Marketing and sales automation
  • Marketing and sales Funnel creation
  • New ways to increase your customer satisfaction and loyalty
  • Outsourcing so you don’t have to hire full time people
  • Pitching and closing more deals
  • Using “speaking” to grow your business
  • Using mobile marketing to increase your effectiveness
  • Writing and publishing your book
  • And so much more!

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